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Family-Owned & Operated Farm

Back in 1984, George drove around with his 70-year-old father, Angelo, looking at various properties in Sussex County.   They wanted to start a small farm.   One day this 280 acre unkept, bank-owned property came on the market.   This land was exactly what they envisioned.  It had flat fields for farming, a small mountain, woods and wetlands.  George and Angelo jumped on the opportunity. They even started restoration work before they closed with the bank.  Today George, along with his son, and grandson, continue to work the land, and, occasionally sit down to soak in the priceless view. 



Angel Valley is a 300 acre family-owned and family-operated farm in Sussex County. The farm's terrain is very diverse. We have a mountain, wetlands, and fields that are home to various wildlife, including wood turtles. The mountain spring water is so clean that visitors will take jugs home. Our goal is to preserve the land's natural beauty. The firewood we harvest is from fallen trees, and the crops cause minimal amounts of erosion. 

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